Google Ads

The Google Ads platform includes Search, Display, Discovery, App Install and YouTube campaigns.

Each has it’s own unique benefit and can be implemented as part of an omni-channel strategy.

Google Search

Google Search allows for a company's paid ads to appear above organic links on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). As a user searches the web, ads will show base on what the user types in. Multiple factors go in to determining which ad Google places at the very top of the page including bid, ad score and budget. A Competitor's ad may appear above your own if Google deems their ad to be the best choice for that specific user.

Display and Discovery

Display and Discovery pair static images with ad copy, and sometimes video, across various websites and web placements, such as gmail. These types of ads are great for driving awareness and also email address collection. Utilizing these ad types as part paid ads strategy is important as it helps keep a company's brand top of mind as the user visits websites, as well as help drive simple, but important actions on your site.

App Install campaigns

App Install campaigns do exactly what the name suggests, drive app installs from both iOS and Android servers. These campaigns combine ad copy, images, videos and HTML5 assets to show to relevant users who may have already shown interest in a company.

YouTube campaigns

YouTube campaigns show video ads to users as they search on the YouTube platform. These ads can appear before the video the user clicked on to watch, or in the right hand side bar. YouTube ads are generally cheaper to run than the other Google platforms, and can reach a large number of users even with a small budget.

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