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There are several paid ad platforms which you may be considering for your business. Each of them has their own benefits, and can be implemented individually or run simultaneously as part of an omni-channel strategy. To learn more about Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or how we track everything, click any of the icons below.


Facebook is a great platform for interruption-style marketing ads. This means that Facebook learns about users interests & behaviors, and then allows us to match products that will enhance their life. We introduce users to them by aligning the product & audience with interesting ads that will motivate a click to our clients websites.


Instagram is owned by Facebook and operates in an identical fashion, just in a different application.


This platform is most commonly known for allowing paid ads to appear at the top of a Google Search Engine Results Page after a user types in certain words which may be related to your business. Along with Search, Google also offers Display & Discovery image ads, YouTube video ads, as well as ads to help drive App Installs.


Marketing on LinkedIn helps you engage a community of business professionals to help generate leads, drive website traffic, or build brand awareness. Targeting options let you show ads to LinkedIn members at specific companies, or based on their job title, seniority and even skills.

Tracking & Reporting

We help setup proper tracking to ensure goals are registering to the paid ad platform, giving it the information it needs to continue to optimize. With custom reporting, you will be able to take a live look in at campaign performance, and see relevant metrics for any platform running.

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