No matter how good your marketing efforts might be and how much traffic you’re able to drive to your website, the success or failure of your business hinges on one crucial thing – your product offer.

This is the way in which you frame your product in the eyes of your customers the first time they see it.

It’s a promise you make to them.

The way in which you deliver your product.

Offers are the way you turn an engaged audience into customers.

If you can’t show your audience that they need your product through a perfectly sculpted offer, then you won’t be in business long.

Getting leads to make a purchase decision is not easy, and creating the right offer can take a long time to perfect.

When you do finally get it right, you will see your click-through rates and conversion rates will go through the roof!

So…how can you craft the perfect offer for your product or service?

Creating the Perfect Offer

First, you need to understand the difference between your product and the offer you’re making with your product.

Your product is the thing in which you are selling. The offer around that product is the way in which you’re selling it.

For example, you have a green rock-climbing harness for sale. Is your harness the safest and most reliable harness that’s ever existed, or is it the most affordable? Is it neon green because that stands out against a certain color of rock or because you sell to a fashion-forward crowd that doesn’t want earth tones in their harnesses? The product never changes, but the way in which you position it does.

A good offer does the following:

  • Addresses a clear and relatable pain point
  • Allows your target audience to realize that they need your product
  • Aligns their values with your product
  • Is simple and relatable to your audiences life

Creating a good offer is a mix of art and science, and can take a long time to perfect.

If you can communicate these four things well to a potential customer, you have a very high chance of convincing them to take action.

While brand offers are important for the long term health of your brand, they are a big topic that will be covered in a later post.

Right now, let’s dig a bit deeper on how to make great product offers to start beefing up your conversions.

3 Ways to Create Great Offers

Perfecting the product offers you promote is an easy way to make the most of your existing marketing channels.

Along with the core principles of product offers outlined above, you should also implement these three important lessons about product offers.

1. Piece of Marketing Material = 1 Offer

Never put more than one offer on an individual per piece of marketing material. That could be a Facebook ad, a flyer, an email, or anything else, but should be clear.

Communication methods that try to promote more than one product at a time split the attention of the prospect and generally do a poor job at convincing them to buy.

“A confused customer leaves.”

Don’t confuse your customers with multiple offers.

Do, however, test a lot of different pieces of marketing material with different offers on each so that you know which resonates the best to your audience.

With a single product offering, the entire conversation acts as its own marketing funnel, encouraging your audience to make a purchase by showing them the value of the product to their life.

The benefits of clearly communicating your product offer to the correct audience will be visible in your store’s higher conversion rates.

2. Match The Offer to Your Audience

Knowing your audience is crucial to making a great product offer.

You can have a great product at the perfect price point, but unless you know who your potential buyers are, it will be very hard to make sales.

A strong knowledge of your target audiences’ desires, allows you to craft your messaging around their pain points and demonstrates how their life will be better with your product. This information should be collected in the product research phase, so read through your notes and make sure that the offer aligns with your audience.

With this baseline information, you can begin trialing offers and tweaking as needed until you find the pressure point which will convince your customers to buy.

3. Test Lot’s of Offers (…just not all in the same content piece)

Although you cannot have more than one offer per marketing piece you CAN have an unlimited number of offers for each product.

As long as those offers are targeted separately, there is no reason you couldn’t have 5, 10 or even more offers for a single product to find the best one for each of your segmented audiences.

You could change the price or value-adds to make your offer more enticing. It can also be as simple as reframing the messaging about the product to hit a different pain point and therefore appeal to a different demographic.

Having multiple offers is particularly useful for products with a broad appeal. With products like this, it can be hard to settle on a specific pain point to address.

By segmenting the potential customer base and crafting a message for each segment, you will be much more likely to convert leads by appealing to their specific situation.

Now, Go Turn Your Audience Into Customers With the Right Offer

Having a great product an integral part of running a successful business, but it does not guarantee success by itself.

There are many entrepreneurs who have had great ideas and products, but never found a way to appeal to their target audience and make sales.

The key to selling your great product is crafting an appealing and targeted offer, so why not get started right now?

It is as simple as fine-tuning your existing marketing delivery to find what resonates with the audience, or finding a professional to help you create the best product offer possible.