Convincing customers to hit that buy button is one of the biggest challenges for online businesses.

There are almost certainly multiple competing products out there, so how do you make your ecommerce ads stand out from the rest?

One of the most powerful tools to differentiate yourself from the competition when selling online is social proof.

Without being able to interact with the product physically, your potential customers need some proof it will work as advertised and is worth their hard-earned money. 

When it comes to Facebook ads, likes, shares, and comments build the social proof that verifies others want the product and it triggers FOMO which turns browsers into buyers. 

Whether it is their friends, influencers, reviews or other trusted third-party sources, it is the opinions of others that push someone over the line into a purchase decision.

Building social proof for the products you are selling with Facebook ads should be your top priority. There are two main trains of thought when it comes to achieving this: the technical approach and the psychological approach.

While some marketers will swear by one method over the other, the reality is that neither works without the other. To put it more plainly,  you must incorporate strategies from both to successfully build social proof.

To help you get started, I have outlined some of the main things that we do in our agency to build social proof on our ecommerce ads. 

Boosting Social Proof on Your Ecommerce Ads: The Technical Way

The technical methods for boosting social proof for your Facebook ads are easier to understand and follow than the psychological options available.

Build an Audience Just for Engagement

The first method used widely for social proof is building an audience that’s willing to engage with your Facebook ads and posts.

Notice I said ENGAGE and not BUY.

These people don’t actually need to purchase anything! Their only job is to like, share, and comment on your posts.

Your objective is to increase the page post engagement metric, which will act as social proof for your actual buyers when they come along.

It gives the feeling of social activity that is all too often lacking on sterile business profiles.

Targeting people to be engagers, rather than customers, is much easier and cheaper. That makes this a very cost-effective method of creating social proof.

Build Ads Using Post IDs

Another tried and true technical method of boosting social proof for your ecommerce ads is using the system of Post IDs in your favor.

Every time you create a new Facebook ad, it is assigned a unique post ID.

If you were to duplicate this ad to be used in a different ad set, it would be given a new ID and all engagement metrics reset to 0. Not good.

BUT if you follow these simple steps you can save that engagement and build on it in your new campaigns.

1. Find the Source Ads Post ID

You can find the post ID at the end of the ads direct link.

In Ads Manager, open your target ad for editing. In the top right corner, you will see the outbound link button.

Press this and go down to ‘See Post’ > ‘Facebook Post with Comments’.

At the end of the link in this new window is the post ID. Copy this one to use in the next step.

2. Use the ID to Make a New Ad

Back in Ads Manager, go to the ad set or campaign you want the new ad to be in.

Click ‘Create’ and then select the ‘Use Existing Ad’ tab. Here, you have the option to enter a post ID. 

Paste the one you copied here.

Facebook will then pull the existing ad as your new ad. You will see in the preview window that the existing engagement has been carried over. 

This is great for testing the same ad across different audiences while continuing to build social proof.

In essence, you can point multiple ads across campaigns and ad sets to the same creatives, building engagement, and social proof at much higher rates. 

Boosting Social Proof on Your Ecommerce Ads: The Psychological Way

Next is the psychological way of building social proof.

This is somewhat more difficult but can provide more genuine results in the long term.

Make Sure You Have the Right Offer

One of the biggest mistakes I see with ecommerce ads is a poorly crafted offer.

You need to test your offer over and over until you have something that:

  • Appeals directly to your target audience
  • Provides value
  • Gives a good first impression of your brand
  • Addresses a clear pain point

It is not as easy as it sounds. It will take you a lot of time and customer research to decide on the best offer for your product or service. 

Create Visually Stimulating Facebook Ads

Increased engagement means increased social proof and there is no better way to draw attention than a visually stimulating Facebook ad.

There are countless articles online about how to do this. If you are serious about upgrading your ad creatives, talk to No Limits Creative. They’ll help get you where you need to be for a low rate each month. 

I do have three recommendations for getting started which I have found to be quite successful.

  • Diagonal Lines: Using images with well defined diagonal lines is a well-known technique for drawing attention to specific parts of an ecommerce ad. 
  • Implement Motion: GIFs or short video are a great way to draw attention, which has become even more potent since the implementation of autoplay in the Newsfeed.
  • Make Ads Look Like Posts: There can be some resistance to engaging with an ad, so make them look like a post instead! The ‘Sponsored’ tag is quite small and easy for people to skim over if the ad is interesting in its own right.

Create Compelling Content

Create compelling content that people want to engage with and you will grow social proof organically quite easily. As I said, the psychological way is more difficult…

It can take talent, or a big marketing budget to get quality content made. However, it is well worth it in the long term due to the natural and genuine engagement your brand will receive.

You really need to avoid ‘engagement baiting’, which is where you give a veneer of quality content as a trick to grab attention, and then you don’t actually deliver what is promised.

Engagement baiting will annoy your audience and can even get you banned on Facebook.

Be creative instead of trying to play tricks.

Kickstart Social Proof by Sharing With Friends

You already have a load of friends and family on Facebook that is typically happy to sing your praises. Let them help you!

The first few minutes of your post going live are critical for building social proof. You want some engagement right away to make it appealing to those who will view it later on.

Get some friends organized to engage with the post and start a conversation as soon as your ecommerce ad goes live.

Start Building Social Proof on Your Facebook Ads

Many of the technical and psychological methods for building social proof can be implemented quickly and for little to no cost, so there is no reason not to get started.

Promoting engagement is a lot easier than you think after you’ve tried it a few times. 

If it all sounds like too much intricate work for your busy schedule, then consider bringing in a professional to help. 

With a small investment in fine-tuning your Facebook ads to provide social proof, you will see a definite increase in conversions.