Skydive West Plains

The Challenge

Skydive West Plains is a professional skydiving center (aka Drop Zone) located just outside of Spokane, Washington. Seasonality is a major influence in the fluctuation of skydive bookings they receive. During the winter months, most of Washington, especially around Spokane, is under 2 or more feet of snow all winter.

Since the business is closed during the frigid winter months, our goal was to generate as many sales as possible during the summer months, while also encouraging the summer skydivers to start earlier. All sales needed to come in under $20 CPA in order to break records from the previous year. We decided to complete this by utilizing both Facebook and Google in order to capture the attention of people that are both looking to complete their first tandem skydive and/or just visiting the area.

The Strategy

First, we needed to identify the monthly sales trends from previous years. Noticing consistent trends in certain months such as May, June, July, and August, we knew that we had to focus on increasing brand awareness early, and then converting as the weather got warmer. We also found that a high percentage of people that commented on a Skydive West Plains Facebook post, or liked the Skydive West Plains Facebook page also booked a tandem skydive. Our goal then became driving new users to the Skydive West Plains website or Facebook page.

We integrated Facebook and Google Ads to get the right message in front of people as they were searching on Facebook, Searching on Google, or browsing one of Google’s partner sites. Considering the high visual appeal of the brand and the abstract, we had the ability to create sensational ad imagery and support it with great copy.

We designed our strategy to run parallel with the site visitor’s position in the buyer’s journey (for example, new users were in the “awareness” stage) and utilized remarketing tactics to nurture these users through the cycle. In months where ticket sales were historically slow would remind them of the joys of summer, and educate them with fact about skydiving safety.

The Results

The 2018 year started in March and at this point is ongoing. Between launch and today we have spent a total of  $3,875.16 and pushed 244 sales at $230 cost per order. That means we’ve generated $56,120 in revenue on $3,875.16 in ad spend for a ROAS of 1,448.19%.

Facebook was our introduction point to put the idea of skydiving into visitors minds. We expected some sales from Facebook, but not near as many as the intent-oriented Google users. On Facebook we spent $2,216.92 and pushed 59 sales at $230 cost per order. That means we’ve generated $13,570 in revenue on $2,216.92 in ad spend for a ROAS of 612%.

Google was our heavy lifter. Most of the retargeting was done with Google, and some specific cold-traffic search terms were used to capture people that were searching for places to skydive. On Google we spent $1,658.24 and pushed 185 sales at $230 cost per order. That means we’ve generated $42,550 in revenue on $1,658.24 in ad spend for a ROAS of 2,565%.


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