The Challenge

Sell women’s yoga pants at the highest volume possible. This client had a very loyal following of customers, but at low scale.

The Strategy

They wanted to take the content that was performing well organically and push it to new audiences through paid traffic. We planned to use 10 cold traffic audiences that we could use PPE for conversion ads, as well as push organic posts for PPE and and video views.

Any ad that got over over 1% Link CTR was moved to cold traffic conversion campaign. Any ad that did not reach that was paused after 30-days.

The Results

Day 1-30 we explained that due to the low-profile of the website, we would spend the entire 30 days testing and finding good audiences. In doing this, they should expect no sales. We were able to find them much faster than we expected and pushed a 1.17 ROAS.

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Day 31-60, we set the expectation of breaking even on our ad spend, and even making the money back from month 1. We did much more than that by delivering a ROAS of 1.71. 

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In month 3, we started seeing the fruits of our labor.

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Ad Examples